Insight for Resilience

We are dedicated to exploring the impact of tumultuous events such as explosions, warfare, and political turmoil on communities and individuals. Our focus is primarily on the Middle East, where instability has been a persistent challenge for many years. Through our research, we aim to understand how people cope and adapt in the face of these challenging circumstances.


Empowering Undergraduate Growth

In today’s job market, obtaining entry-level positions at corporations or securing an internship can be challenging for students due to the high demands for years of experience. This often leads to accepting low-paying jobs or positions unrelated to their field of study. That’s why we’re offering an alternative solution, a platform that empowers undergraduates to grow their skills and gain valuable experience at their own pace, while also contributing to meaningful research in their field of interest.


Comprehensive Programs

Operation twelve offers programs for students to engage in research and development. The Undergraduate Research program for undergraduates, Pre-College Program for high school students, and Collegiate Program for university students, offer hands-on experience, exposure to research and the opportunity to lead research initiatives. All programs aim to provide valuable skills and experience for students to become change-makers in their fields.

Regional Collegiate Affiliates