Dear members of the Operation Twelve Community,

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Lea Safa as the new Associate Director of Cognitive Science at Operation Twelve. This appointment marks a significant milestone in our organization’s journey towards scientific advancement and societal betterment.

Lea’s unwavering passion and unwavering dedication to Operation Twelve since day one have been truly exceptional. We owe a great deal of our success to her tireless efforts within our organization. It is with great confidence that we welcome her into this new role.

As the Associate Director of Cognitive Science, Lea will assume the responsibility of overseeing our esteemed cognitive science department. Her extensive experience within the department, coupled with her exceptional leadership skills, positions her as the ideal candidate for this pivotal position.

In her new capacity, Lea will work closely with me and the rest of the leadership team. Her primary focus will be to develop and implement innovative research projects in the field of cognitive science. With her expert guidance, our team of researchers will thrive under her leadership. Lea will play a vital role in analyzing data and presenting groundbreaking findings to the community.

Furthermore, as Associate Director, Lea will mentor and train our dedicated staff, fostering their professional growth and development. She will also work towards building and nurturing relationships with external partners, ensuring fruitful collaborations that contribute to the progress of our department. Lea’s commitment to securing the necessary resources for our research endeavors will enable us to push the boundaries of cognitive science even further.

Please join me in extending heartfelt congratulations to Lea on her well-deserved appointment. We have full confidence in her ability to lead the cognitive science department towards our shared mission of advancing scientific knowledge for the betterment of society. Together, we will continue to make significant contributions in our field.

Thank you all for your unwavering support and dedication to Operation Twelve.


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